Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Changes Home Care Franchise

Want to learn more about being a Changes Home Care franchise owner? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What experience do I need to have to own a franchise with Changes Home Care?

We look for franchise owners who will be driven by a desire to grow in business and to help others during a time of need. Franchise owners will need to have the skills necessary to learn the Changes Home Care system and develop a strong operations team within their franchised business. We seek like-minded professionals who can demonstrate an ethical approach to business overall, and who can adequately manage business operations, client interaction, staffing, and more

What is provided as part of the Changes Home Care franchise system?

Changes Home Care will provide a pre-opening training program for franchise owners at our corporate location for five days for you and your recruiter/scheduler and three days for your caregiver. In addition, a representative of Changes Home Care will spend up to three days assisting the franchisee and their staff on-site at the franchisee’s location. Franchise owners will be trained on the operation of the business, billing techniques as well as the proper techniques for patient care. Of course, after you are open for business, we will be there to provide remote support and ongoing guidance, and answer questions you may have. And, we will present you with a copy of our confidential operations manual to help you run your franchise properly on a day-to-day basis.

How much will the Changes Home Care franchise investment cost me?

The total investment to begin operation of a Changes Home Care start-up franchise is estimated to be between $75,600 and $131,250. This investment amount includes an initial franchise fee of $35,000 with discounts available for conversion franchises. As with any new business venture, it’s important that you have the capital needed to adequately fund your new business.

Are there ongoing fees paid to the franchisor?

We charge a royalty fee equal to 5.5% of gross sales. These fees allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of program resources, marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades, as well as the use of our centralized call center to assist with prospective customers.

Are there any advertising fees?

Franchisees will be required to contribute up to 2% of gross revenues to our system-wide marketing fund. The franchisee will spend the greater of $500 or 0.5% of net billings monthly on local marketing and must be implemented in a format and using materials and designs approved by Changes Home Care. Within the first sixty days of opening, Changes Home Care franchisees will be required to spend a minimum of $6,000 on initial launch marketing and promotions in their territory.

Is financing available?

We do not offer direct financing to franchisees. We may be able to provide references to qualified financing or lending resources, on a case-by-case basis.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of your franchise agreement is ten years, with three subsequent successor options of five years each.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to open a home care business with Changes Home Care, click here to request more information. Or you can contact us at (833)271-3800 to discuss the possibility of setting up a meeting, speaking with our key management staff, and receiving our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), which contains all the important details you’ll need to make an informed decision.

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